Access Control & Entry Systems

Security Solutions Integration helps business managers protect people, property, intellectual properties, and sensitive information. Regardless of the size or type of business, an access control system can be an important component to greater overall physical security. An access control system helps control who enters your facility, and limits the movement of employees, visitors and contractors within your facility.

access-control-cardSSI can design an access solution that allows you to take control and manage your system from anywhere.

Types of Access Control Platforms

  • Web-based
  • Server based
  • PC Based
  • Single door stand-alone devices

Benefits to an Access Control System

  • Control access to buildings and to sensitive areas within
  • Reduce hardware costs and internal IT support functions
  • Easily track, record, movement throughout your facility
  • Easy Card Management – Add, delete or suspend cards
  • Combine Access Cards and photo ID badges into one credential
  • Create Access Credentials for specific time periods for visitors and contractors
  • Reduce reliance on traditional keys and the expense of re-keying locks
  • Integrate with Intrusion Alarms and CCTV systems for greater security
  • Generate real-time reports detailing when and where an individual gained access to a specific area
  • Generate Audit Reports for employee time and attendance
  • Crisis Reporting and Monitoring

Security Solutions Integration can design an access control system providing the flexibility to manage your business security as you see fit.

Entry Systems

entry-system-panelAn Entry System can work in conjunction with, or separate from, your access control system. They are ideally suited for after-hours customers, guests, or deliveries.

A Door or Gate Entry System allows you manage door access wherever you are. They provide the ability to see and communicate with someone requesting to enter your business without you being at the door and the power to grant them access with the press of a button.

  • Control entry security and regulate access into building
  • Communicate easily and effectively with visitors while keeping your facility secure
  • Confirm identity of visitors with crisp audio and up close video

We offer innovative Entry solutions to meet your needs.

  • Single or multiple door configurations
  • Video with audio, or audio only platforms