Maintenance & Testing Services

Maintaining the operational integrity of any system is key to ensuring you receive the benefits and protection the system was designed to provide.

Any system can be rendered ineffective if not tested and maintained.

security-service-proSecurity Solutions Integration can provide annual inspection and testing for your Intrusion, Fire, Access, or Video system. Testing includes visual and full technical check with the usage of latest testing equipment to ensure proper functionality of every system device.

CCTV and Access Control systems have components which benefit from routine cleaning. Periodic inspection of sensors, software upgrades and testing of back-up batteries, will help to maintain the effectiveness of you system.

At a minimum you want to ensure:

  1. Your monitored alarm system communicates with the central station
  2. Your video system is recording and all cameras are operational

Bottom line is you want to find any ‘weak links’ before they fail and your system lets you down.

There are two categories of maintenance:

Corrective Maintenance services involve the identification and resolution of problems that prevent some or all of your system from operating properly, such as a broken wire, damaged door contact, or intermittent video on the monitor.

Preventative Maintenance services are designed to improve system performance and maintain reliability.

Some clients prefer to take an active role in system maintenance by performing some routine testing and preventative maintenance actions themselves. We encourage this active participation. We can instruct you in the proper ways of testing various elements of your system, provide you with necessary consumables such as batteries, and help you establish appropriate testing timetables.

Other clients prefer our skilled service personnel to preform the necessary system maintenance work.

In either case, our technical staff can help outline training and testing procedures to maintain optimal system performance and reliability.

Inspection & Testing

Commercial Fire Alarm System Inspections are not Optional

alarm-professionalYour fire alarm system provides protection, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

In order to ensure the system operates and communicates alarms properly, they are required to be tested and maintained. Annual testing (at a minimum) of fire systems is required by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s), Fire Departments and insurance companies. During this testing all detection devices, notification devices, switches and communication pathways are tested. Failing components are noted and can be repaired or replaced upon your authorization. All inspections are to be documented per the National Fire Alarm Code NFPA 72.