Security Services

Design & Installation

As system integrators, SSI can help your stand-alone systems like intrusion and access control more effectively work together to protect your business. We design business solutions through the integration of various components to create effective security solutions based upon your needs.

We can interconnected intrusion, access control and video/CCTV systems to expand strengths of each individual system into a larger, more comprehensive and powerful solution.

We design and implement customized solutions for your specialized needs.

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Every system needs to be maintained. Optimal system performance is a combination of preventative and corrective actions. Maintaining the operational integrity of any system is key to ensuring you receive the benefits and value that system was designed to provide. This is particularly relevant when it comes to systems installed to protect your business.

Security Solutions Integration can help establish a schedule for preventative maintenance that can make sure you systems are operating at peak performance levels.

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Alarm Monitoring

We offer a variety of options so we can develope a monitoring solution based upon your specific needs. Each system is monitored by the best Customer Service Representatives in the business – all professionally trained and receiving constant and continuous education in security monitoring.

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